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There are more means to magic than just pictures and rhyme. Once again we turn to the inscription and have a closer look at the number and value of the runes here. We count 68 runes und 4 dots. One dot is usually counted as 1 symbol, thus we receive a rune number of 72. Since it contains 3 times the magic 24 (but also 9 x 8 or 12 x 6), the number 72 was supposed to be very effective. It supports the power of f-Rune and g-Rune, the alliterating runes in verses that were meant as charms, as some form of incantation.

If we now figure the runic value (s. Magie) we realize the perfection of the plan:

These 72 runes and symbols count as the sum of their values exactly 720.

If we add up the values of the alliterating runes 3 x f-Rune and 3 x g-Rune (f = 1; g = 7), we get 24, the magic number of the fuþark.

And 24 x 30 is 720 . Chance?

9 of the 72 runes on the left edge compose the formula hronæsban. If they expected anything from that material, this magic number may be intended. And if so, we should find a similar pattern on the other panels. (And we will!) The same goes for the runic value. Here we have 123, which is (3 x 41.) The divisibility by 3 is intended, if the system is observed on the other panels. And it is! At this point we say this much: The three panels referring to life bear 9 runes each on their left edges, which makes 27 runes altogether, and their value is 330 (3x110). The fourth panel, referring to death, has a comparable inscription, composed of 9 runes, value 110.

In order to reach certain values the carver had to choose quite unusual word forms and ways of spelling which have kept generations of scholars busy. They have tried to attribute text and grammar to certain regions and times.

Thus the carver has applied all magic instruments, material, picture, word, rune, number,, and value , to furnish his client with the means he needs most (to get in order to give): feohgift.


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